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OPEN DAY - SATURDAY 28TH JANUARY. Our 3 beers will be available on draught (Gold Best Bitter, IPA and our new Porter) and our IPA and Gold are also available…
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Our first 2 brews

IPA - ABV 4% Pale in colour with a Fresh hoppy aroma and a malty hoppy flavour; finely balanced, it has an intense bitterness leading to a long dry finish.…
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Our Four King Bar

We have designed our bar to be different, comfortable and interesting, and complement our excellent beers. It’s invitation only, so if you fancy trying some Four King great craft beer…
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Our Brewery

We wanted to have the best Four King brewery we could have and so we sourced and purchased the finest equipment and raw materials so that we can provide only…
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Our Four King brand

The Four King distinctive brand was initially born out of a simple love for beer and a desire to do something fun and rewarding. We were absolutely Four King determined…
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