Four Kings Brewery
Newton Moor Industrial Estate
Lodge Street
SK14 4LD



The best things in life are worth a little bit of effort, we believe. So, we’ve tucked our lovely new brewery away from anyone who wants it easy. We know that’s not you, so here’s how to find us.

From Ashton Road, turn onto Lodge Street.

After a couple of hundred yards, the road turns left, immediately after The Butty Bar. Straight ahead you’ll see some green gates. If it’s outside office hours, you’ll need to ring the bell or tap on the window.

Once through the gate go straight ahead until you follow the road round to the right.

After a hundred yards or so, the road again goes around to the right. Follow it, or else you’ll fall into the fishing lake. (ready for that first Four King pint yet?).

Almost there. Straight ahead (well, slightly to the left, to be honest) you’ll see our front door.

Don’t be shy! Come in and get your first taste of our Four King great craft beers. It’s well worth it.


Visit the Four King Brewery

We are always delighted to receive visitors to our brewery so do please get in touch and we’ll arrange your tour and a sample of course.